jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

New language assistant

   My name is Brendan Sweeney and I am from Omagh in the North of Ireland. I have working in a bookshop for the past six years in Belfast and before that I studied English literature in Liverpool, England. I enjoy painting pictures and have had two exhibitions of my work in the past year, one in Belfast and one in Omagh.
   My father is called Tom and he is a Irish traditional singer and musician. He tours widely in Canada, the USA and Ireland. My mother is called Frances and she is a former high school art teacher and now is a full time artist. I have one younger brother called Kevin and he is also a singer and musician. I have one younger sister called Fionnuala and she is also a singer.
   I am looking foward to living in Madrid and helping with english in the Colegio San Benito.

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  1. Hi, Benny,
    My name is Irma Ortiz. I am Claudia Chamorro´s mother. She is in Second Primary this year.
    I have always liked your country: music, landscapes, food, people...Although I have never been there (yet). Anyway, now we have a good reason to have a great Saint Patrick´s day party!
    Please, forgive my English. I am afraid it is a little bit rusty. Welcome!